Dark Fiber

The number one medium in high-speed/high-bandwidth communications. AOC Connect specializes in designing custom dark fiber networks. We can utilize the network assets of our network plus partner networks to create the network that matters to you. Being a CLEC allows us to build interconnects and last mile in order to connect your sites to the network. If there is available dark fiber out there, we can get you to it. Or, if it needs to be built, AOC Connect is your one stop shop for everything dark fiber.

Metro Ethernet

Looking for dedicated connectivity between two or more of your sites? Our Metro Ethernet solutions are available across the country and some out of country locations.  We can cross multiple carrier networks to ensure all your mission critical sites are connected.  AOC Connect currently delivers metro ethernet circuits up to the 100gig bandwidth to our customers.

Wireless Backhaul

As our nation invests in the infrastructure to transition our wireless capabilities to 5G, wireless backhaul will become an integral part of the network.  AOC Connect is partnered with some of the best cell site deployment wireless backhaul companies in the country. If your solution requires moving data from the end point to the nearest congregation point and available cabled infrastructure wont work, come talk to AOC Connect about our wireless backhaul capabilities.

Unified Communications

AOC Connect’s Unified Communications Solution (powered by Star2Star) is an industry leading platform for all of your unified communications needs. Our platform has all the latest features including VoIP, voicemail, instant messaging, teleconferencing to include web and video, softphones, and 4G failover to name a few. Our platform increases the security of all your voice calls through encryption at both ends and the ability to pass traffic without ever touching the PSTN. AOC Connect can address your communications needs and ensure you maintain business continuity and disaster recovery requirements.

DIA Dedicated Internet Access

Today we live in the ever-evolving world of the Internet of Things (IOT). Just about everything in our lives today can be connected to the internet. AOC Connect is partnered with several Tier 1 Internet providers and can resell dedicated access up to speeds of 10gig. We have the ability to manage IP addresses and routing tables and can monitor your internet connections 24x7x365.

Managed Wavelengths

Does your network need the most reliable and lowest latency solution available in the industry? Let us develop a managed wavelength solution to fit your needs. Through the AOC Connect network and the increased reach of our partner networks we can engineer and design the shortest path, lowest latency, and protected network topology available. AOC Connect can deliver 1G, 2.5G, 40G, and 100G as well as OTU2 and OTU4 standards. We can incorporate path diversity to ensure protection and offer industry leading up time. Our team will work with yours to design the best network for you today all the while looking at the possible future needs and plan for scalability to accommodate your future growth.

TeleComm Asset Management

Networks matter most when you know where they are. New to AOC Connect’s product offering is our telecom asset management platform through our partner Connected2Fiber. This web-based database is the perfect tool for all network owners, operators and buyers. This system allows you to manage your network assets as well as locate other provider assets to garner the most network availability information out there. Whether you are trying to monetize your current network assets or leverage others to complete a solution, Connected2Fiber has the data that you are looking for. AOC Connect is standing by to show you how Connected2Fiber can work for you.